Fabricating with Stainless Steel

Through the years, fabricating with stainless steel has become a specialty with Dragoo Metal Works (DMW). Our management and workforce understands the fabrication process and the challenges presented by it.

DMW is ideally prepared for a metal fabrication process that is complex, involves advanced equipment and techniques to cut, bend, shape, weld and assemble parts into a finished product. Since stainless steels are harder, stronger and less malleable than some other metals, the process becomes more difficult, requiring even more specialized equipment.

At DMW we operate two computer controlled (12’x6’ and 16’x6’) ultra-high velocity/pressure waterjets capable of producing parts of almost any shape and size in thicknesses 3+ inches in stainless, most any other metal or composite material. Parts are precise, with excellent edging, and the process causes no part distortion as there is no heat effect on materials. Having the latest Waterjet equipment provides DMW the ideal capacity to produce parts for the equipment we make that will be used in the bioprocessing field.

We also employ high speed, high definition CNC plasma cutting for parts production, and operate press, press beak, break and shear equipment with capacity to the heaviest requirement.

To manufacture a final product, we rely – and customers can too – upon our experienced journeymen with over 140 years of experience in the metalworking field. If welding is the task, all have certifications and all have extensive experience in assembly, installation and service.

DMW will fabricate parts for your assemblies according to plans and specifications, or offer complete turn-key
services including design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service of your equipment. Please submit a request for quotation to our estimators, or contact us with any questions you might have. We welcome the opportunity to be of service.


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