Since its beginnings, Dragoo Metal Works (DMW) has been active in sheet metal contracting relating to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trades as well as other construction projects. Though DMW has transitioned mostly into stainless sheet metal used in more sanitary environments, the company is fully equipped to fabricate and install other metals and non-metallic materials as well.

Our skilled journeymen have 140+ years experience in the sheet metal craft and understand full well the daily challenges of the trade. DMW will fabricate to your plans and specifications or survey, plan, build and fit at your location. Our planners have both field and shop experience and know minor changes in geometry can require significant adjustments in the field. That experience gives them the ability to anticipate installation problems and very often design around them, saving you time and money.

DMW works on new construction and offers quotations for renovation work as well. We offer maintenance and repair services where possible, and replacement of parts or systems when this becomes the option. We offer turn-key services from planning to installation, and no project is complete until it meets the operational requirements of the customer.

When it comes to custom sheet metal work, the best gage of quality can be seen in the Sense of Pride shown by our tradesmen. Call to discuss any issues you may have. Send us your RFQ at your first opportunity.


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